Last week, I started the series “The SINS of our Fathers” reflecting on the mistakes our parents made and how we can avoid being caught in the same web. I told you how my father allowed his expenditure grow more than his income causing us to live besins-of-our-fathers-we-must-avoid-part-1low par. If you missed it, use this hashtag #inSIGHTSwithRoborBliss to locate it.

I’ll continue with my story.

Life continued for us the way it was – not having enough. Salary is finished even before it is received. But one day, my father decided to surprise us. Guess what happened! He bought a BMW 3 Series. Wow! We were all elated, feeling on top of the world as our dad was the first civil servant to buy such a big car “then” in our community. This was after he got his retirement benefits.

He was a big man. Every time he reves the car, you could hear the sound of a big man even from afar. People called the car all kinds of acronym, BMW – Big Man Wahala, Be My Wife etc. These two acronyms later turn out true as the car became my father’s fourth wife and also his big wahala. Exactly 7 days after the car arrived, there was an accident and since we didn’t know about insurance neither did we care, the car wasn’t insured. He spent a lot of money most of it borrowed to get it fixed and though they tried their best, the car was never the same. By all calculations, the car lost about 30-40% its original value. The story went on and on spending his already overwhelmed income on his car. Till he eventually sold the car, it was a tough for me as my already not enough allowance reduced even more.

Maybe your father was very rich and had no problems with his finances. My case was different; the sin of our fathers here is buying luxuries they could not afford just to show they’ve made it. So sad, some of us are already on that path. We buy expensive clothes, shoes, cars, etc to impress others leaving our home unimpressed. When you spend your hard earned money to buy liabilities that require even much more to manage, you set yourself up for poverty.

I’m not saying he shouldn’t or we should not buy cars or live a good life. But one must focus on having a balance financial system to be able to afford those things. Back to my father, if I were him, I would have bought a cheaper car like Toyota or Nissan. Good fuel economy and lower maintenance but big Men also pay a price.

How rich or poor you will become can be determined by your spending pattern. What you spend on ultimately determine your financial future. If our fathers only bought what they truly need per time and invested the rest, they would have left better inheritance for us.


My point in this episode is that don’t spend your hard earned money on things you don’t need or can do without just to prove a point or show you have arrived. You should be accountable for every penny that leaves your hand and plan for the future. And guess what, nobody truly cares. The best they’ll say is you look good, nice car. But nobody will give you a dime or a reward for that.

As we prepare to enter the New Year, what are your financial plans for your life, family and business? Don’t forget, you can’t achieve what you don’t plan for. Financial freedom and wealth sustainability must be deliberately planned and nurtured.

See you next week for part 3.

iAM_RoborBliss – Bussiness and Family Financial Strategist