I can’t remember where I was going but fate or God had sent me on an errand to save this lady from being devoured by a lion who had no regard for civility or candor.

It was dark, must have been a few minutes to 8pm in Lomalinda avenue, at the outskirts of the coal City. Yes it was lonely but my mission was more important.

As I walked down the lonely road in the dark sparsely illuminated by headlamps of few vehicles, I heard a distress voice of a lady who was about to be raped by a young man. She screamed with all she’d got and I responded. I ran towards her direction in a darker street off the main road.

My gosh, I had no idea what to expect but I responded anyways.

Lo and behold this guy was about to rape her. So I ran towards him with my bare hands shouted like a grown man and luckily he left her and ran away.

Quickly I helped her up, serched for her purse and phone, hurried her up and left the scene less he reinforce and return.

I helped her to safety, she boarded a bus and I went my own way too.

What if the boy had a weapon? I could have been killed for trying to sabotage his evil plans but my passion for Justice superseded my fear of the unknown.

I didn’t know the lady and have not seen her since that day, more than a decade already but I saved her from being a victim of such evil. She may be my friend on Facebook or my friends’ friend or even wife today. We may have met somewhere else but can’t even recognize her if she’s standing in front of me.

What if I didn’t respond to her distress call? She may have just become one of the numerous victims of rape in our society with a scar.

See, there are people in or on their way to distress today who we need to help with our voice, skills, strength and other resources.

What if you hold back? Someone will suffer.

I have dedicated myself to sharing my skills teaching about money one of the key things that make us alla smile or cry. The lack of it can make men do terrible things so we must know how to keep the little we have and use it to make more.

If you don’t have a financial plan for your life, business and family, you will spend all you earn. And spending all you earn is one sure, recipe for poverty.

Every income you get should be divided into three main parts. Savings, Investment and Expenditure (The SIE Trinity) following this exact order. You can use any percentage you that is convenient for you but it’s recommended that you keep you cost lower. The minimum I’ll recommend for S.I.E is 20, 10, 70 or 20, 20, 60. If you’re up to it, you can do 20, 30, 50.

This means for every 100k you earn, 20k should go into savings, 10k to Investment and 60k for all your expenses.

Do you know that some if not most poor people today once had enough money to perpetuate wealth? Infact some were very rich but now they’re barely surviving. What happened? Expenditures were given priority while savings and investment were not rightly done.

So today, I take that risk to tell you Don’t be like those… #GetSmarterWithMoney.

You could be the parent of my daughter’s partner, investor or student. Or even a parent of the president in coming generations.


Save Invest before you Expend.

iAM Robor-Bliss
Financial Strategist
Founder, Getting Smarter With Money