Hello, I am Robor-Bliss Owisi. I am an entrepreneur, an alumnus of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur Foundation and the founder of Snap-Me Studios Nigeria.

My Story

My journey started over a decade ago serving in the media unit of my local church (House on The Rock Enugu) while studying Mass Communication at the Institute of Management and Technology.

While in school, I joggled a part-time volunteer job in a Magazine company and served with all my heart. It was then, I discovered the entrepreneurial spirit and founded my first media company. However, soonest the gigs weren’t as constant so I got a job and left business alone.

After graduating, I was further trained as a professional broadcaster and later I acquired a diploma in Photography.

This brief story happened in the span of over a decade. A dramatic event in my retail career pushed me back to my calling.

I’ve always known, the media is where I belong even though my expressions of it may continue to evolve.

Now, I have instituted a team of experts to take care of all your multimedia needs from voice-overs, audiobooks production, portraits, 360 Degree Photography, web design and videography.

What We Do!

…Beyond the usual media



We offer photography services from beauty, fashion, products and 360 Degree Photography. Robor-Bliss is a certified 360 Degree and Portrait Photographer backed by a team of professional photographers to meet your every need.



Our team consists of experienced videographers who handle any kind of video needs. We produce commercials, youtube and television content as well as cover events.


Voice-Overs and Audio Books

Our team is equipped and specializes in Audiobooks production and voiceovers for jingles and other projects. You can’t go wrong with our golden voices that speak with clarity and evoke emotions.

Mission & Vission

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Palms Mall, Ring Road, Ibadan - Nigeria


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