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Welcome to the 5th day of 2018!

Do you know that by now, some people have exhausted salaries?
Do you know lots of people will take loans here and there to survive till they receive their next pay cheque?
Does this include you?

Well, I hope not but if so, there’s a solution and that is what I will be discussing in this post.

Last night, I received a call from a member of Money Bliss Academy. I was excited when he shared with me testimonials of taking my course on budgeting and how he has been able to track every kobo since then.

But that was not the only reason he called. After all the positive vibes, he said, “Sir, can you believe I have exhausted my salary and I was just paid 4 days ago”.

I smiled and asked if he recorded his expenditures, and his reply was in the affirmative. He again thanked me for the free #MoneyBlissPlanner I gave him.

This guy earns N100k per month and he was paid on the 31st of December, 2017. He was happy he got paid after Christmas because he would have spent all during the festive period. But the bad news is that the whole salary didn’t survive the 4th day of January.
He paid school fees, shopped for the family, repaired his car and that was it. The whole salary was gone without saving not to talk about making an investment.

**As per ethics, I got his approval to share this story without mentioning his name.**

It’s no longer news that the cost of living is so high you can’t survive on only one salary except you’re paid in 7 or 8 figures.

So I wonder how people who earn less than N100k will survive this month and maybe the year.

This is why I’m writing this to show you a few things you can do to have #MoneyBliss in 2018.

1. Take an audit of your Finances.

Look back to 2017, how much was your average monthly expenditure? If you don’t have a record of your finances in 2017, this might be difficult but you can make an estimate by subtracting how much was left from how much you earned each month last year.

2. Make a budget for the year:

Set an annual budget and break it down into monthly budgets. This budget will guide you to know what areas of your life you need to allocate more resources to. It will help you track your expenditures and also help you know how much you need to make to fund all your estimated expenses for the year.

If you don’t know how to make a budget, take my free course on #MoneyBlissBudgeting HERE.
You will also get the #MoneyBlissPlanner for free after the course.

3. Get a side hustle

Now that you know your salary can’t fund your expenses, how about solving problems around you that can generate extra income? Let me give you some suggestions.

A. Do you know you can make money from right in your neighbourhood?
Do you know that with the number of people you’re surrounded with, you can make some cool extra cash?
Why not look for an everyday need that makes your neighbours take trips to the shopping mall and sell to them. You would have taken the stress of going to the mall from them and in turn, earned profits from doing that. Just know that where there are people, there are business opportunities.

B. Learn a new skill. Look for a problem people desperately need to solve and learn the skills to help them solve it. For example, Web design, Social media marketing and management, Digital marketing, Content creation etc. These skills are in high demand. Why not take this first quarter to learn them and start earning from the second quarter.

C. Sell something. The new economy is controlled by producers and salespeople. You must own a product or service one to survive in the coming years. So, create or find a hot selling product to sell. Note the word HOT, something people already want not what you want to introduce to them.

4. Do not spend any kobo if it’s not necessary

We all have cravings and wants but in face of the realities, you need to manage your resources smarter. Don’t buy everything you’re introduced to. Avoid spending on frivolities and be prudent.

After all said and done, don’t forget to save for the rainy days.

I’ll be sharing more on this with experts in different fields in Money Bliss Academy. Be part of this Community and learn how to win with your Finances.

Also, get a copy of Money Bliss Book HERE and learn the secrets to securing your future today.

In all you do, I wish you success.
#iValue You

Till I come your way again,

iAM Robor-Bliss, Owisi
Financial Strategist
Founder, Money Bliss Academy

About Robor Bliss

Welcome to my world. I am Robor Bliss, son of Owisi. I hail from Akiewhe-Owhe in Isoko North LGA of Delta State. Having grown up without a silver spoon, I learnt financial management the hard way and have dedicated my life to learning and teaching simple strategies to financial success because I believe the next Generation must not experience same.I am the founder and principal of Ultra-Pace Solutions Ltd., an ICT company with international affiliations, headquartered in Ibadan, Nigeria.I studied Mass Communication at the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu, and Broadcasting at the FRCN Training School, Lagos.In 2012, I was employed at Persianas Retail as a Sales Executive and rose to the position of a Store Manager within two years. I started one of Persianas Retail Stores (Max Fashion) in Ilorin before I was posted to Ibadan to head a new branch. My success in Persianas Retail could easily be traced to my creativity, leadership and management skills and the trust I enjoyed from my superiors.I am married to Ayomide Oluwatosin and blessed with Chloe Efemena Olamide, an amazing daughter we fondly call ‘THE CEO’.

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