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Do you want to earn more and live well in 2018? Then you’ve got to read this to the end.
My mum and dad were teachers and though we heard tales that teachers used to measure the length of their yam and cut small sizes to cook we never did.
This is because apart from their job, they were and my mum still is a farmer. I remember every day as soon as we returned from school, we will go to the farm. On the average, we farmed 2½ hrs daily on weekdays and sometimes the whole day on Saturdays while we take needed rest on Sundays.
This little side farming was what took care of our daily bread. I can’t remember us till date ever buying Garri – the most common food in the Niger Delta region.
See… No day goes by without a Garri meal in most families in that region yet we never bought it rather we sold our excess for cash. This was a rare gift to us by our evening farming system.
We will plant whatever is good for the season and at harvest time enjoy an abundance of food in our house. Corn, potatoes, veggies, cassava, plantain amongst others were our regulars.
So I grew up as a part-time farmer and entrepreneur. Aside from the farming with my parents, I’ll offer my ploughing skills for money sometimes when mum says we’re free.
To make matters even sweeter, we owned our farms individually too. So I can decide what to plant in my small land shared with us by our parents. So we lived and fed well even with delayed salaries and strikes here and there.
Now, why am I telling you about this?
I want to remind you that there’s no excuse not to be more than you already are. You have the capacity to be, build and earn more but will you act today? One of the excuses most people give for not saving is not having enough and by not saving today, they will almost never have enough for tomorrow.
Don’t you already know that the money you earn today is for you to take care of your needs for today and tomorrow? If you don’t please do know. This is one of the cores of my messages.
You may not necessarily own a farm or start farming like my parents and I but you must look inward to see what other value you can offer to earn more in the coming year. It could be a gift, talent or skill, it’s part of the ingredients you need to earn more. Take it, spice it up and monetize it.
Do you know how to cook sumptuous meals? Why not research a market in need for the same and start home delivery of irresistible pots of meals? This you can do after work and earn some side money.
There’s almost always a ready market for what you have to offer but you have to go all out and find where it is.
My friend, your income will not grow if you keep doing the same things year in year out. You’ve got to find more resources to achieve more. And guess what, they’re in you already but if not learn them.
You can learn almost any skill in 90 days, that will be only Quarter 1 of 2018 and start earning from it in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.
So here’s the conclusion of the matter…
Find alternative earning streams in 2018 and you don’t have to wait till 2018 comes.
Start today to figure out what other value you have to offer in exchange for more money in 2018.
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Till I come your way again,
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Welcome to my world. I am Robor Bliss, son of Owisi. I hail from Akiewhe-Owhe in Isoko North LGA of Delta State. Having grown up without a silver spoon, I learnt financial management the hard way and have dedicated my life to learning and teaching simple strategies to financial success because I believe the next Generation must not experience same.I am the founder and principal of Ultra-Pace Solutions Ltd., an ICT company with international affiliations, headquartered in Ibadan, Nigeria.I studied Mass Communication at the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu, and Broadcasting at the FRCN Training School, Lagos.In 2012, I was employed at Persianas Retail as a Sales Executive and rose to the position of a Store Manager within two years. I started one of Persianas Retail Stores (Max Fashion) in Ilorin before I was posted to Ibadan to head a new branch. My success in Persianas Retail could easily be traced to my creativity, leadership and management skills and the trust I enjoyed from my superiors.I am married to Ayomide Oluwatosin and blessed with Chloe Efemena Olamide, an amazing daughter we fondly call ‘THE CEO’.

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