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Financial Planning; a Date with 2018

How to Plan your Finances like a Date!

I didn’t know how to woo a girl when I was in school but somehow, I met this pretty girl with some challenges. I helped her through them, encouraged her and provided a shoulder to lean on. And soon we were in love or should I say we were infatuated?

Anyways, we shared some good feelings towards each other and I started feeling and acting like her boyfriend. I cared for her like the younger sister I never had.
So I planned a surprise treat to take her out to an eatery and show her I’m the right one. It was one of the best new eateries in the heart of Ebeano Estate, Coal City but I could not afford two good meals. Even after saving for a month, but Robor doesn’t give up.



Gosh, I was out to impress and make her feel good. I planned this event for close to a month, saving and planning. I remember some of my biggest fears were, will she let me love her? What if she doesn’t agree to go out with me? I was scared but I took the step. Asked her to lunch and she accepted.


I wore my best shirt, and we embarked on the August trip to wonderland. It was magical. That was the first time I asked a lady out, a beautiful one at that.


We arrived and I asked, what will you like to have? She was shy or she wanted me to choose for her so she said ANYTHING. Well, thank God she did cause I had planned my expenses. I immediately suggested my plan and she accepted.


Like a big boy, I bought the plate of fried rice, big chicken and coleslaw by the side with a bottle of Coca-Cola to step it down. I took it with so much pride and delivered to her where she was majestically seated. Guess what, I only bought meat pie and a bottle of Sprite for myself.


We were eating and it was her turn to impress. She took the knife and fork and started eating slowly, I was just smiling and rehearsing my speech.


Now here is what got me angry, she ate the rice and was battling with the chicken because she was trying to cut it with the knife and fork and she wasn’t getting it. She gave up on it cause she didn’t want to embarrass me or herself. She then took the small part she could and left the main meat. I was flabbergasted! How could you waste my Hard Saved money like that while I’m having just pie. I didn’t tell her though but murmured in my mind. I asked nicely, are you sure you’re okay, she said yes.


So I asked the waiter for a bowl of water and washed my hands. I did Justice to the meat and at intervals, gave her some pieces.

Financial Planning Lessons from this Story!

The rest is history. We only dated for a few semesters before another dude took her away.
I told you this story to share with you how valuable PLANNING is. In this case FINANCIAL PLANNING. I had to plan with the resources I have to fulfil my goal. I deprived myself of some things to save up for one single date.
Let me ask you. What are you planning for? Know that nothing just happens. Often times we live our lives as it comes, one day at a time but we forget that things will not always be same. You won’t always have this strength.
What are your #FINANCIALPLANS for TODAY, TOMORROW, next MONTH/YEAR or the next 5 YEARS?


2017 is almost over. Have you started planning what you want to do in 2018?


Hey, I’m not talking about new year resolutions. I’m talking about GOALS and More importantly, #FINANCIALGOALS.


How much do you want to earn, save, invest and spend in 2018?


Once you start with how much you want to earn or save in 2018, you will get an idea of the rest.
In 2017, some of us lived our lives to impress like my girlfriend. You ate with fork and knife when you didn’t know how thereby not maximizing your meat. Don’t let 2018 be like that.


Instead, learn how to do it or jejely wash your hands and devour all 2018 has for you. If you don’t get my rhetorics, lemme explain a little. Don’t fake it, LEARN it.
Don’t be ashamed to ask questions. If someone is getting results you want, ask them. Don’t be PROUD and EMPTY.


Plan your 2018 Finances starting today. Start asking how you can increase your net worth and like my humble self in the story save for your projects. Deprive yourself of some immediate enjoyment for the good of tomorrow.


I want you to take 2018 as a dating project with this fine babe like my wife or this pink lips handsome guy like John Obidi that you can’t wait to meet. Remember you’re going to foot the bills, so start planning and saving for it. I hope I make sense? If yes, start now with your financial planning for 2018.


You know I value you right?


Yes! I do. #iValueYou


Till I come your way again,
#PlanYourFinances and


iAM Robor Bliss, Owisi
The Strategist

About Robor Bliss

Welcome to my world. I am Robor Bliss, son of Owisi. I hail from Akiewhe-Owhe in Isoko North LGA of Delta State. Having grown up without a silver spoon, I learnt financial management the hard way and have dedicated my life to learning and teaching simple strategies to financial success because I believe the next Generation must not experience same.I am the founder and principal of Ultra-Pace Solutions Ltd., an ICT company with international affiliations, headquartered in Ibadan, Nigeria.I studied Mass Communication at the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu, and Broadcasting at the FRCN Training School, Lagos.In 2012, I was employed at Persianas Retail as a Sales Executive and rose to the position of a Store Manager within two years. I started one of Persianas Retail Stores (Max Fashion) in Ilorin before I was posted to Ibadan to head a new branch. My success in Persianas Retail could easily be traced to my creativity, leadership and management skills and the trust I enjoyed from my superiors.I am married to Ayomide Oluwatosin and blessed with Chloe Efemena Olamide, an amazing daughter we fondly call ‘THE CEO’.

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  1. Thanks, it is quite informative

  2. Thanks, it’s quite informative

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