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Saving Today to Secure Tomorrow

Money Bliss reveals the hidden meaning of savings, the different kinds of savings you must have, and how much you should save at each stage of your life.

About The Money Bliss Book

Your personal finance guide.

Often times, we get carried away with daily survival that we seldom save for the future. We live a comfortable today at the expense of tomorrow. Your financial life should be well planned in order to cater for your today and as well as tomorrow. And saving is one of the tools to do that.

In Money Bliss, Robor Bliss reveals the hidden meaning of savings, the different kinds of savings you must have, and how much you should save at each stage of your life. Money Bliss provides the needed guidance to saving effectively in the digital age where it has become more difficult to save.

This is not just another book on Personal Finance. This book will expose you to Financial Saving for today, what you need to save effectively and how to start.

So get yourself a copy and start from today to plan your finances more intentionally. Your future money bliss depends on what you do with your finaances today.

Did you Know?

If you can’t survive the next 12 months of your life living the same financial lifestyle without an income, you are not safe?

What You’ll Learn…

Money Bliss Book will expose you to the a lot of insights.

Knowing What to Save

Equips you with practical analysis of your income & the right amount to save per time.

Late Start Recovery

Shows you what to do if you have not been saving and how to get started immediately and still reap the benefits.

Securing the Future

How to use investing as a tool for saving and securing the future.

How to Save Today

Shows you how to achieve your dream life debt free and worry-free. Practical ways to save with ease.

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A few words from people who have read the book.
What Robor has done with this book is to help break down into easy to understand and easy to take action steps to developing the discipline needed to save.

If you find saving a difficult habit to form or stay consistent with then this book is for you. Get one for yourself and a few more for friends and family. Tosin Praise Fowowe

Founder, The Financially Fit & Free Family

I am quite impressed that there is someone out there who cares about our financial aspect of life. I duly agree with most of the things Robor Bliss mentioned in this book MONEY BLISS.

I have been working on how to extensively help individuals have financial freedom of which this man has made easy for me to further appreciate him.

Thank you for saving us financially. I wont rest until I have also helped in saving others too.

Precious Osikha

Author/Lawyer and Life builder

Money Bliss is the first book on Personal Finance that I find quite easy to read and understand. The book is a Personal Finance coach in a text, it teaches all you need to understand and do, on effective saving.

It helped me to make my 2018 Personal Finance goals and action plans with less stress. Temitope Bamidele

CEO, TEA Business Consulting

I like Robor Bliss’ Money Bliss because of his simplistic approach to financial savings and planning. He provides practical solutions and ultimately dissolves myths around personal finance. It’s indeed a toast to bliss in your finance.

Get this book, read and apply it. Your finances will be better for it.

Tony David

CEO, Flakes Integrated Service Ltd

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Awesome tool to aid your savings lifestyle. Added is also a monthly budget planner and expenses manager sheet.

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