Are you Masturbating?

Are you Masturbating?

What Masturbation taught me about Success!

Some years ago, I was a shy, poor and scared boy afraid to woo a girl because I hated rejection. Not that I encourage premarital sex but here was my experience.

I was lonely but consoled myself with the vision I was chasing at the time. I will stay behind my computer writing proposals for sponsorship and partnership for my ideas yet I wasn’t getting a headway. This was so frustrating yet I had no girlfriend.

Soon enough I found solace in masturbation. With the mindset that if I can’t get someone to do ‘it’ with me, why not do it by myself for myself. That was the beginning of my journey towards self-pleasure.

Guess what, it may be momentarily pleasurable but I think it’s just an illusion.

Sex wasn’t meant to be enjoyed alone neither was successes. You’ve got to get a partner with whom you can savour each other’s meat and be full.

As the years went by I tried to find love. I was heartbroken, pained and disappointed. But eventually, I found true love in the strangest of places.

Guess what, self-pleasure is just a tip of the iceberg. And you may be doing yourself a great disservice trying to get all by yourself all the time.

You’re masturbating if you are scared of partnering with people who will help you birth your ideas cos you don’t want to be disappointed.

You’re as well masturbating if you resort to doing all by yourself because you can trust anyone to do it with you.

You’re masturbating if you don’t have anyone to turn to or lean on when the chips are down.

You can’t do life by yourself, you need someone to hold your hand, lean on, support you and count on.

So, don’t masturbate your life, get a partner.

Hey! I know this is tough for some of us who have been disappointed over time. You trust someone builds something together and soon the person turns back and shatters everything.

You’re not alone. I’ve been there myself but don’t let one person spoil the bright chances you have to build something greater with the remaining billions of people on the face of the Earth.

Be careful but as you make plans towards 2018, plan for more partnerships, collaborations and genuine trust in friendship. Don’t masturbate your way through the coming years, build a team of people you can trust, lean on and support.

Get help in specific areas of your life and don’t be alone.

I’ll be right here to help you achieve more in your Finances by proper planning and strategy.

Don’t forget to get my soon to be released book – Money Bliss.

I wish you success ahead.

Till I come your way again,
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iAM Robor Bliss, Owisi
The Strategist
Founder, Getting Smarter With Money

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